Russia俄罗斯 外表美【国外】 Orabelle A 16P

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出生地:俄罗斯生日:1990头发颜色:红色身高:1,73胸围尺寸:小测量:35-25-37第一次看到:2012Aliases:Orabelle A at Metart, Eugenia at Mplstudios, Orabelle Koivu at Rylsky ArtI love to watch movies about love. I especially like the classic Hollywood films with Hepburn, Monroe. The movie Titanic is not my taste. I love when movies are free of violence and tragic stories, it is lacking in today’s violent world. I dream to

Russia俄罗斯 外表美【国外】 Orabelle A 16P

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