Czech Repubic捷克 外表美【国外】 Viola O 39P

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别名:Divina A 出生地:捷克生日:1993-03-03头发颜色:金色高度:1,63胸围尺寸:大测量:37-26-35第一次看到:2013 Aliases:Divina A at Domai, Eroticbeauty, Metart, Sati at Errotica-Archives, Penelopea at Femjoy, Tina at ShowybeautyI have been dancing professionally for a long time. I like very much to study different areas of dance. I also love photography and I am particularly inspired by the beautiful posters. I have a lot of different clothes and jewelry. My dream is to travel around the world. I am impressed by the warm exotic destinations and sea food. I love to eat sushi and fish in various forms. I love men and I enjoy it when I am

Czech Repubic捷克 外表美【国外】 Viola O 39P

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