Ukraine乌克兰 外表美【国外】 Tanusha A 14P

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出生地:乌克兰生日:1987头发颜色:金色高度:1,60胸围尺寸:中等测量:31-25-34第一次看到:2011Aliases:Tanusha A at Metart, Stacy at Showybeauty, Tanusha A & Heather B at ThelifeeroticI love all kind of sports, especially ice skating. I was a professional for 3 years until I break my ankle. Now I practice a lot, but competition is forbidden. I began modeling a few months ago and I love to meet new people, travel and create new characters. I’m a bit shy in the real life so modeling is great for pretending to be someone else, someone more sexy than the real me. I like very much to expose myself to the photographer’s eyes, as each one is different and each one has a different approach of what is sexy. I hope you’ll find me sexy 🙂

Ukraine乌克兰 外表美【国外】 Tanusha A 14P

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